Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The overall goal of the MRI facility is to provide high resolution/high-throughput imaging and equipment/pulse sequences, delivering sufficient signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) as to be able to test novel molecularly targeted MRI agents. The high-field magnet operates at 4.7 Tesla field strength, providing the optimal setup to image both T1 and T2/T2* targeting imaging probes. Furthermore, the magnet facilitates state-of-the art high resolution anatomical and functional imaging of various mouse models for cancer, cardiovascular and neuro-research.

We use tailored MR pulse sequences and high-end, dedicated radio frequency (RF) coils, ranging in size from whole body (rat) to mouse heart, in order to to optimize SNR for each specific application.

To ensure imaging occurs under normal physiologic conditions and to optimize anesthesia, dedicated monitoring systems are used to record the heart and respiratory rate as well as body temperature. The latter is kept within a physiological range through the use of MR-compatible heating systems.

4.7T Bruker Pharmascan