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Hakho Lee's Lab

Biomedical Engineering Program

Highly sensitive, fast and cost-effective diagnostic systems can have far-reaching implications in medicine and life sciences. The primary goal of our laboratory is to develop such platforms by bringing together ideas and techniques embodied in physics and engineering. We further seek to apply the developed platforms to rigorously and quantitatively analyze living systems, with the ultimate aim of promoting human well-being. To achieve these goals, we are guided by the following principles:
Many new diagnostic technologies have resulted from these efforts, and we are actively pursing their clinical translations.

Recent Publications (more...)

Im H, Castro CM, Shao H, Liong M, Song J, Pathania D, Fexon L, Min C, Avila-Wallace M, Zurkiya O, Rho J, Magaoay B, Tambouret RH, Pivovarov M, Weissleder R*, Lee H*
Digital diffraction analysis enables low-cost molecular diagnostics on a smartphone
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015;:ePub - PMID: 25870273
Chen S, Sanjana NE, Zheng K, Shalem O, Lee K, Shi X, Scott DA, Song J, Pan JQ, Weissleder R, Lee H, Zhang F, Sharp PA
Genome-wide CRISPR Screen in a Mouse Model of Tumor Growth and Metastasis.
Cell. 2015;160(6):1246-60 - PMID: 25748654 - PMCID: PMC4380877
Lee K, Shao H, Weissleder R, Lee H
Acoustic Purification of Extracellular Microvesicles.
ACS Nano. 2015;9(3):2321-7 - PMID: 25672598 - PMCID: PMC4373978
Castro CM, Im H, Le C, Lee H, Weissleder R, Birrer MJ
Exploring alternative ovarian cancer biomarkers using innovative nanotechnology strategies.
Cancer Metastasis Rev. 2014;34(1):75-82 - PMID: 25543192

Recent News (more...)

2015-04-08: ACS Nano Podcast Episode 92, March 2015 is featuring an interview with Hakho Lee, PhD. It highlights features and research of acoustic purification of extracellular micro vesicles - PMID: 25672598. (mp3)
2014-11-17: Kisoo Park and Jongmin Park were awarded with the prestigious post-doctoral research fellowship from National Research Foundation, Korea. Congratulations!
2014-10-16: Changwook Min was selected for the CCNE Graduate Student Award. Congratulations!
2014-08-21: CSB, ETRI (Electronic and Telecommunication Research Institute, Korea) and KBRI (Korea Brain Research Institute) have signed an MoU on research collaboration and academic exchange. The agreement is expected to promote international cooperation between these Institutions of complementary expertise, towards developing new sensing technologies.
2014-06-04: Congratulations to Hyungsoon Im, PhD and Miles Miller, PhD who won MGH ORCD 2014 Research Fellows Poster Celebration Awards.