Olympus IV100

This prototype near infrared confocal laser scanning system was developed for imaging of internal organs in mice. The system uses novel optics with a millimeter footprint and allows an imaging depth which extends up to 500 µm from a 1.3 mm diameter stick objective which is up to 2 cm in length. The system has exceptionally high spatial, temporal and multi-wavelength resolution.

  • Tiltable electronic scan heads 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x dry objectives as well as novel stick objectives; 6x, 20x, 27x water immersion
  • 4 laser lines
    • 488 nm: GFP/FITC filter
    • 561 nm: Rhodamin filter
    • 633 nm: Cy5.5 filter
    • 748 nm: AF750, Cy7 filter
  • 3 PMTs for simultaneous imaging of 3 channels
  • z-step motor
  • 3D-imaging, time-lapse imaging
  • Olympus FlowView program
  • Gas anesthesia and heated plate