Fluorescence reflectance imaging (FRI) facility

The overall goal of this facility is to provide imaging equipment for fluorescent reflectance optical imaging. A number of different multichannel imaging systems are available, depending upon the imaging required.

Olympus OV100

The Olympus OV100 is a hybrid consisting of a planar fluorescent reflectance imaging system, and a high-power microscope system. Multiple filters are available for this system and include green, red, far-red and near-infrared. Images can be captured of whole mice, and the high magnification zoom lens allows for detailed imaging of specific regions of interest. This system is equipped with isoflurane anesthesia and has a heating plate to maintain subject body temperature throughout the course of imaging.

Siemens BonSAI

The Siemens bonSAI system is a fluorescence optical scanner for in vivo imaging of small animals. The system consists of a light source, CCD camera, and a light-tight acquisition chamber. It allows for the imaging of one animal at a time and was designed for rapid imaging and ease of use. Filters are available for imaging in the green (l max = 447 nm excitation/527 nm emission), red (527 nm excitation/610 nm emission), far-red (660 mm excitation/735 nm emission), and near-infrared (762 nm excitation/800 nm emission) spectrums.