The MIP facility only performs collaborative research (for service imaging resources see here: Martinos Center for Bomedical Imaging, BIDMC Center for Basic MR Research). The operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of this state-of-the-art facility requires us to charge nominal fees for imaging time. Imaging time is calculated as the actual imaging time, set-up time per room and image archiving and distribution. Minimum time charged for an imaging session is 1 hour. Effective October 1st, 2020 the hourly charges for internal investigators are:

MR imaging (4.7/7T): $270 per hour
Computed tomography (CT): $275 per hour
Positron emission tomography – computed tomography (PET-CT): $370 per hour
Bioluminescence imaging (BLI): $240 per hour
Fluorescence reflectance imaging (FRI): $115 per hour
Fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT): $165 per hour
Intravital Confocal Microscopy: $150 per hour
Pathology: $97 per hour
Surgery: $138 per hour
Radiochemistry: $83 per hour
Image Analysis: $185 per hour
Imaging agent: Determined by the Chemistry Core
Cage: Determined by the Institution and charged to the grant

EXTERNAL INVESTIGATORS: According to Partners Research Cores Policy beginning October 1, 2010, all research core facilities will be required to charge external users fees that include the direct costs of the core service plus an overhead component. External users are identified as investigators (Partners-affiliated or non-Partners-affiliated) and institutions that use non-Partners funds to pay for research core services. Investigators using Partners funds are considered internal customers.

Type of External User IDC Rate
Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) & Non-profits 44%
For-profit and Industry 59%


ATTENTION INVESTIGATORS: You have 30 days from the time of billing (i.e. charged onto the grant) to dispute any charges (document direct line item Research Core Services). The policy will be strictly adhered to. If a problem arises, please contact either Dianne Moschella or Serena Sullivan and we will work with you to correct this problem.

 UPDATED FUNDING SOURCES: It is the responsibility of the PI or person requesting the imaging time to always use an updated Peoplesoft fund number. This should be checked at least once per year (on the anniversary of receipt of the funding source works best).

Data Access and Processing

All imaging data is stored on our archiving system. Selected representative images can be provided to the user at the end of an imaging session. Comprehensive image interpretation and analysis is typically provided in a collaborative fashion. If the user wishes to perform additional post-processing him/herself, please discuss data analysis goals with Dr. Matthias Nahrendorf to coordinate the best means for achieving accurate and consistent analysis. Advanced post-processing including three-dimensional display, image fusion, molecular/anatomic overlay, and quantitative image analysis may be provided.

Please email Dr. Matthias Nahrendorf to discuss specific requirements; please provide a very brief scientific rationale for the desired processing.

Access to Facilities

The access to MIP facility at the Simches Research Building (CPZN-8) is restricted due to handling of PET isotopes. If you need to be present for a study, call the technologist ahead of time to escort you.