Investigator / Platform Research Area Position
Pivovarov, Misha Research Informatics Core Ruby on Rails Web Developer
Higgins, John Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Human Pathophysiology Bioinformatics Specialist II
Nahrendorf, Matthias Cardiovascular Immunology / Hematology Postdoctoral Research Fellow
More information:

Position: Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Research Area: Research Informatics Core

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Investigator: Pivovarov, Misha

Date Posted: 2014-08-06

Description: The Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (https://csb.mgh.harvard.edu/) a position for a full-time Ruby on Rails Developer.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate must possess the following qualifications: • Strong object-oriented programming background • Web application development experience using Ruby on Rails (or similar frameworks) • Experience with Linux • Good communication skills.

Requirements: As a member of the CSB Research Informatics Core (http://ric.csb.mgh.harvard.edu) this Developer will participate in the development of modern web-based systems that support scientific and administrative functions of research laboratories. We're looking for a team member who can learn quickly and is enthusiastic about technology and web applications.

Position: Bioinformatics Specialist II

Research Area: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Human Pathophysiology

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Investigator: Higgins, John

Date Posted: 2014-07-02

Description: The Higgins Laboratory in the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Systems Biology, the MGH Department of Pathology, and the Harvard Medical School Department of Systems Biology is seeking to hire an experienced computational scientist to help lead computational activities of a small team modeling human disease processes. Qualified applicants will have extensive knowledge of and experience with computer software engineering, database design, and information systems management, with at least 5 years of professional experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Science or Engineering. Applicants must also have some knowledge of and strong interest in human physiology and disease. Applicants must also be able to work effectively with interdisciplinary teams including biologists, mathematicians, clinicians, and hospital and research staff. Outstanding references are required. The successful applicant will become part of a small research group that is located at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Systems Biology and is an integral part of the Harvard Medical School Department of Systems Biology and the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Pathology. The successful applicant will be interested in becoming an active and contributing member of these combined clinical, clinical-research, and basic-research communities.

Responsibilities: Expected activities will include: •Designing a distributed database-backed and clustered analysis pipeline and managing efforts of 1-2 other developers. •Developing database schema and queries to integrate medical records, clinical laboratory data, and mathematical model parameter estimation. •Taking ownership of source code repositories and ensuring good software engineering practices for the group. •Studying existing research on relevant aspects of human pathophysiology. •Implementing dynamic models in well-structured MATLAB code. •Developing complex structured queries for clinical databases to identify cases appropriate for model development and validation. •Working closely with basic science and clinical collaborators to design and execute molecular and cellular measurements of human clinical specimens and collaborator model organisms.

Requirements: Demonstrated expertise in the following areas are required: •Professional software engineering practices, including quality assurance, code reviews, and documentation. •Source code revision control systems. •Data structure and algorithm design and implementation. •Object-oriented programming. •SQL database design and management. •Parallel and distributed algorithm design. •MATLAB programming. •The ability to work independently and take initiative. Candidates should include an updated resume or CV, complete contact information for three references, and a cover letter describing career goals, any research interests, and salary requirements.

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Area: Cardiovascular Immunology / Hematology

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Investigator: Nahrendorf, Matthias

Date Posted: 2014-07-02

Description: We are looking to recruit a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow to join a dynamic research group at the Center for Systems Biology. The laboratory is located in the new Simches Research Building at the MGH campus in downtown Boston. We focus on the role of immunity in cardiovascular disease, specifically in atherosclerosis, stroke and heart failure. Of particular interest are the supply and production of leukocytes by the hematopoietic system, and the signals that regulate leukocyte supply through hematopoiesis after ischemic injuries such as myocardial infarction or stroke. Recent publications: Swirski FK, Nahrendorf M. Leukocyte behavior in atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and heart failure. Science. 2013;339(6116):161-6. Dutta P et al. Myocardial infarction accelerates atherosclerosis. Nature. 2012;487(7407):325-9. Leuschner F et al. Therapeutic siRNA silencing in inflammatory monocytes in mice. Nat Biotechnol. 2011;29(11):1005-10.

Requirements: A PhD in immunology, hematology or similar experience is required. The successful candidate should have an excellent command of FACS techniques and stem cell assays, in addition to standard molecular biology. Ideally, the candidate also has an interest in in vivo imaging and cardiovascular pathophysiology.

Send your application to (please specify position): Serena Sullivan (Sullivan.Serena@mgh.harvard.edu), CSB, Simches Research Center, 185 Cambridge Street, Suite 5.210, Boston, MA 02114