Bioluminescence imaging (BLI)

The overall goal of this facility is provide in vivo bioluminescence imaging capabilities as well as software support for image quantitation, fusion, and display.

Center for Systems Biology (CSB) in-house built system

The BLI system has been designed and assembled at the Center for Systems Biology (previously the CMIR). It consists of a liquid nitrogen-cooled, photon-counting Roper Scientific CCD contained within a light-tight box, and a large aperture zoom lens for whole animal imaging. The system can operate in single wavelength mode (appropriate for typical luciferase experiments), or has (with slightly lower sensitivity) multiwavelength capabilities for near simultaneous imaging of different luminescent constructs.


Spectral Instruments Imaging Optical Imaging Platform provides powerful multi-modality imaging capabilities in an advanced, user-friendly system. All SI Imaging optical imaging systems are designed from the ground up to provide a stable, high quality package for laboratory imaging. The entire system is designed around a rigid “backbone” that serves as an “optical bench” coupling the sample and all imaging components together in a stable spatial configuration. This structural integrity ensures highly accurate and extremely reproducible images and calibrations, day in and day out and year after year. SI Imaging’s structure-based design is consistent with the overall quality approach taken to ensure the best and most consistent imaging performance possible. Ergonomics are addressed with the vertically opening access door, minimizing the system’s footprint and avoiding interference with surrounding equipment or personnel in crowded laboratory situations. All SPECTRAL optical imaging systems feature on-board electronic storage of system calibrations and settings, thus providing a complete, self-contained system ready to use-straight out of the box.

Amiview software

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