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Mikael Pittet, PhD, has been promoted to Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School. Congratulations Mikael!


Matthias Nahrendorf has received the 2020 Rolf Sammet Guest Professorship at Frankfurt University. The professorship is dedicated to internationally outstanding scientists who have made important contributions in the life science and natural science fields. Nahrendorf was selected for his excellent work on links between the bone marrow and immune cells with cardiovascular disease.


Kritika Singh (Mazitschek Lab), a bioengineering and chemistry student at Northeastern who has dedicated herself to tackling global health issues, has been named a 2020 Rhodes Scholar, considered the most prestigious academic honor for U.S. college students. Congratulations, Kritika!


Miles Miller has been admitted to the Bridging Academia with Industry Training Program at Mass General Research Institute designed to foster collaborations between academia and industry and support a new generation of translationally-minded scientists.


J. Matthew Dubach, PhD, has been promoted to Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School. Congratulations, Matt!


New PLoS Biology paper presents detailed, standardized citation data annotated for multiple impact indicators and their composite across science. Ralph Weissleder is in the top 0.01% of scientists based on their impact. Several other CSB PIs are in the top 1%. The raw data are available for download.

2019-08-06 - Chedza starts enrollment:

The Chedza Study has started with the first enrollments. This project is evaluating the accuracy of a near-to-care device for the diagnosis of breast cancer and, separately, non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The team opted to name the project Chedza (light in Sekalanga) as the new instrument developed by CSB Biomedical Engineering Program uses the bending of light around cancer cells and a smartphone camera to permit diagnosis in a few minutes.


Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Innovation in Early Cancer Detection (CIECD) selected Cesar M. Castro to receive funding to support research on new technologies and innovations in early cancer detection and diagnosis. Congratulations, Cesar!


Maaz Ahmed and Chris Rodell (Weissleder lab) presented at the annual MGH Post Doctoral Division’s Research Fellow Poster Celebration. Chris received the Tayyaba Hasan Poster of Prestige Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to the MGH research enterprise. Congratulations!


Daem Celestin, an undergraduate student from Northeastern University, won the Research Award in the Physical and Life Sciences at the RISE: 2019 event. She has been working on the nPLEX technology for high-throughput EV protein analysis under the guidance of Drs. Hyungsoon Im and Cesar Castro.


Congratulations to Jeremy Gungabeesoon (Pittet lab) for becoming a 2019 Landry Cancer Biology Fellow at Harvard University. This is a big honor!


"Discovering Myeloid Cells in Lung Tumors" - Our work from the Pittet lab and Klein lab is out! See also interview with the authors.


Three CSB researchers - Clemens Alt, PhD (Lin Lab), Cameron McAlpine, PhD and Shun He, PhD (Swirski Lab) - won Poster of Distinction award at the Annual Meeting of the MGH Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). Congratulations!


Jouha Min and Jina Ko (Weissleder Lab) participated in the Mass General Research Institute Science Slam, which was co-hosted by Mass General's five thematic research centers. The event gave scientists the chance to speak about their science in front of a live audience without using slides or scientific jargon. Checkout video highlights!


Weissleder Lab has earned a Blue Flame Award from Addgene. This accolade serves to congratulate researchers who have at least one plasmid that has been distributed to the research community more than 100 times.