Biomedical Engneering



Miniaturized NMR Systems

Applying microfabrications and microelectronics, we have miniaturized the entire NMR system into portable device.
PMID: 23835814, 18607350

Clinical DMR (diagnostic magnetic resonance)

This third generation DMR system automatically calibrates measurement settings, and features a user-friendly interface.
PMID: 21346169, 21547317

New types of magnetic nanoparticles

Different types of magnetic nanoparticles are synthesized to improve the sensitivity of magnetic detection (figure: a cluster of MnFe2O4 particles encased in a silica shell).
PMID: 21953810, 21495138, 20859943, 19620715

Microfluidic chip for exosome analysis

This chip integrates pneumatic valves, membrance filters, and a microcoil. Exosomes are magnetically labeled on chip, and detected by NMR.
PMID: 23142818

Microfiltration device for exosome collection

The device directly filters whole bloods and collects extracellular vesicles. The filter sets are clamped by a pair of ring magnets.
PMID: 24295203

Nanoplasmonic exosome (nPLEX) sensor

The sensor contains nanohole arrays that sustain surface plasmon resonance. It detect exosomes in a label-free manner.
PMID: 24752081

Microfluidic cell sorter

Based on size separation, this device enriches CTCs from unprocessed whole bloods, and allows for on-chip culture and molecular profiling.
PMID: 23184773

Single cell capture system

The chip performs immunomagnetic sorting and size-based cell capture, to capture target cells and then perform molecular analyses on these cells.
PMID: 24404070, 24297935

Microfluidic chip for bacterial detection

This fluidic cartridge is used to detect and classify bacterial strains. PCR chambers, magnetic labeling channels and an NMR probe are integrated.
PMID: 23644570, 23612293

Self-assembled magnets

The device creates strong magnetic field gradients using the self-assembly of micrometer- sized permanent magnets.
PMID: 24404070, 20949198

MicroHall detector for magnetocytometry

Using micrometer-scale Hall sensors, the system detects magnetic moments of cells that are immunolabeled with magnetic nanoparticles.
PMID: 23495188, 22764208
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