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2011-11-14: The MGH Center for Faculty Development is pleased to announce that Dennis Brown, PhD will assume the position of Director, Office for Research Career Development effective December 1, 2011
2011-10-28: "Stopping monocytes in their tracks" - CSB work is a Nature Reviews Immunology Highlight (pdf)
2011-10-27: MIT News features work of Mazitschek Group on microarray identification of small molecules that enhance synaptogenesis. (pdf)
2011-10-18: CSB plays a major role in the newly launched Initiative in Systems Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School.
2011-09-12: Recent CSB work on imaging heart infection (Panizzi, Nahrendorf et al.) has been highlighted in Science and Science Translation Medicine
2011-05-18: Jonathan Carlson, MD, PhD has been chosen as an excellent educator within the Harvard Medical School Community in recognition of his enthusiasm and passion for teaching.
2011-05-06: Sylvie Breton, PhD has been named the 2011 MGH Research Scholars for work on intercellular communication through novel cell structures.
2011-03-18: Rabi Upadhyay has been selected to receive one of the Medical Research Fellowships of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
2011-02-17: Dennis Brown, PhD has been elected to serve on The National Council of the American Physiological Society
2011-02-10: The editors of JACC feature our work (Panizzi et al.) on monocyte subsets in infarct healing in "Highlights of the Year in JACC 2010" (pdf)
2011-01-27: Recent PNAS paper by Dr. Higgins is highlighted in the New England Journal of Medicine (pdf)
2011-01-27: New Science Labs web site launches with redesigned view of the CSB article -