Chemistry Platform



14 Chemistry Hoods

6ft, N2, Ar, H20, vacuum line

Bruker Ascend 400

Analytical/(semi)preparative HPLC/MS system.

Waters 2545 Binary Gradient Module with Systems Fluidics Organizer, 3100 Mass Detector, 2998 photodiode array, 2777 autosampler, 515HPLC Pump for make-up flow, and fraction collector III. The system is setup to readily switch beween high throughput analytical and high-throughput mass-guided preparative purification and controlled by MassLynx MS 4.1 Software. Please visit for additional information.
Analytical/(semi)preparative HPLC/MS system

ThermoFisher Multidrop Combi reagent dispenser

for bulk dispensing of reagent to 6- to 1536-well plates using dispensing volumes from 0.5 to 2500µL/well.


Biotage Isolera 4 Purification System.

Compact flash purification system equipped with a 200-400nm diode array detector.

Solvent system

for safe storage and dispensing of anhydrous organic solvents (THF, DCM, Toluene, Ether)


Genevac EZ-2 Plus solvent evaporation system


Tecan Safire 2

monochromator based multiwell plate reader (6-1536 well) equipped with integrated plate stackers and integrated barcode reader (for automated batch processing for up to 50 microplates) for high-throughput screening assays based on optical absorbance, multichannel luminescence, fluorescence intensity and advanced fluorescent readouts including fluorescence polarization (FP), fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), time resolved fluorescence (TRF).


CyBio CyBi-Well vario

96 and 384 channel simultaneous pipettor and pin-transfer robot equipped with 96/250 µl and 384/25 µl pipetting heads and V&P-scientific “96 and 384 well pin transfer modules”


CEM Explorer

Automated microwave reactor with 48-position robotic autosampler for controlled microwave-assisted synthesis.

Biotek ELx405 CW Microplate Washer


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