Chemistry Platform



Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory

The synthetic chemistry laboratory is located on the 6th floor of Building 149 in the Charlestown Navy Yard (rooms 6105 and 6613). The facility is fully equipped with modern equipment and instrumentation, facilitating fluorochrome synthesis and characterization.

Laboratory Space

Fluorochromes Laboratory Space

The space that the core currently occupies was recently renovated and modernized to enable complex multi-step chemical syntheses. It is comprised of 4 – 7’ Fisher Hamilton Concept fume hoods and a multitude of synthetic and analytical tools.

Synthetic/Analytical Tools

Microwave-assisted syntheses

Microwave-assisted syntheses give faster reaction times and higher yields.

Microwave-assisted syntheses

Waters LC/MS

A Waters LC/MS with in-line photodiode array detector permits the rapid identification of reaction products from complex mixtures

Waters LC/MS

Varian HPLC

Specially designed Varian HPLC featuring an inject pump and photodiode array detector allows for large-scale purification of complex products

Varian HPLC

UV-vis and fluorescence spectrophotometer


Fluorescence spectrophotometers

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