1. Technical Services: The Microscopy Core can perform conventional immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, live-cell imaging, conventional electron microscopy and electron microscope imm
    unogold labeling, tissue sectioning, tissue fixation, and computer based image analysis and quantification. In some cases, investigators provide their own stained tissues/cells for imaging, while in other
    s the Core performs all services from fixation and sectioning, to staining and imaging.
  2. Training Services: Microscopy Core technicians can also provide training to high frequency users who wish to invest the substantial time necessary to learn how to use the equipment proficiently (w
    ith the exception of the electron microscope).
  3. Consultation Services: Dr. Dennis Brown and the Microscopy Core technologists are available for consultation regarding the use of different microscopy techniques, and for providing technical advic
    e, e.g. regarding the different fixation techniques that enable antibodies to detect their antigens.
  4. Core Enhancement: Dr. Dennis Brown and the advisory committee continue to explore new techniques that could be offered as part of the Core’s service.