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"Uncovering Cancer" - the work of Pittet Lab is featured in Nature Medicine article.


CSB has been named as one of the NCI Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology (IRCNs). The IRCNs engage in directed, product-focused research that aims to translate cutting-edge science and technology into the next generation of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. These platforms serve as the core technologies for a wide array of specific applications that will ultimately benefit cancer patients.


CSB work is profiled in MGH Research Institute spotlight "Mass General Researchers Investigate the ‘Big Eaters’ of the Immune System: #MacrophageMonday"


Best of 2016: An article by Pfirschke and Engblom from the Pittet laboratory on how to improve cancer immunotherapy is listed in the 2016 edition of “Best of Immunity” as one of the ten most-accessed articles from the Journal. Immunity publishes papers that report the most important advances in immunology research.


Checking out checkpoints: Immune checkpoint blockers (ICBs) are designed to activate the immune system against cancer. These drugs can be extraordinarily effective in some patients but not in others. Now, Mikael Pittet and colleagues have used molecular imaging to track ICBs in real time within tumors. Their study, published in Science Translational Medicine, uncovers a mechanism of treatment resistance, which can be overcome with additional chemical modifications. See also: the Journal Cover illustrating the “Tug-of-war with anti-PD-1” and interview with the authors. Abstract Reprint Full Text


The MGH Graduate Student Division is pleased to announce that Mikael Pittet, PhD is the winner of the 2017 MGH GSD Principal Investigator (PI) Mentoring Award. This award is given to an MGH PI who has contributed to the success of PhD graduate student(s) at MGH and demonstrated excellence in a number of ways.


Marie Siwicki (Pittet Lab) has been selected to receive the Landry Cancer Research Fellowship. The award, through Harvard’s Landry Cancer Biology Consortium, funds graduate research with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary approaches to cancer biology. Congratulations Marie!


Congratulations to Dr. Camilla Engblom, from the Pittet laboratory, for brillantly completing her PhD thesis work entitled “Cancer-host interactions influencing disease progression and therapy”. Dr. Engblom graduated from the PhD Program in Immunology at Harvard Medical School.