Rahul Guda, a Research Intern from the Lee Lab, was accepted into the prestigious Harvard College's Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE). Congratulations Rahul!


"AI-powered cancer diagnoses for resource limited settings" - CSB work is featured on the Nature Bioengineering blog.


Hsing-Ying Lin (Lee Lab) has been selected to receive a MGH ECOR Fund for Medical Discovery (FMD) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. Congratulations!


Christopher T. Chan, Hsing-Ying Lin, and Jouha Min were named the winners of the 2018 MGH Research Fellow Poster Celebration. Congratulations!


CSB work is featured on the MGH Blog.


"Food Allergy Detection Device Could Remove Danger Of Dining Out" - CBS News report on the iEat device developed at CSB


The work of Lee Lab on detecting and profiling circulating ovarian cancer cells is highlighted on the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) site.


Hakho Lee, PhD has been selected as a 2017 MGH Research Scholar. Congratulations, Hakho!


Seonki Hong (Poster of Prestige), Chen-Han Huang (Poster of Merit), and Ashley Fenn (Poster of Distinction) received awards at 2016 MGH ORCD Research Fellows Poster Celebration. Congratulations!


NIH Director Dr. Collins has selected CSB new paper in Science Advances on a system for rapid identification of health care-associated infections to be featured on his blog - https://directorsblog.nih.gov/. (pdf)


Hyungsoon Im, PhD and Kisoo Park, PhD won Poster of Distinction awards at the 69th Annual Meeting of the MGH Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). Congratulations!


nPLEX is one of the greatest hits among 20 years of Nature Biotechnology biomedical research! (pdf)


CSB developed nano-plasmonic exosome (”nPLEX”) technology won the Most promising translational research award given by CaNCURE Nanomedicine Program during their annual Nanomedicine Day.


Divya Pathania, PhD received an award at the MGH ORCD 2015 Research Fellows Poster Celebration


ACS Nano Podcast Episode 92, March 2015 is featuring an interview with Hakho Lee, PhD. It highlights features and research of acoustic purification of extracellular micro vesicles - PMID: 25672598. (mp3)


Kisoo Park and Jongmin Park were awarded with the prestigious post-doctoral research fellowship from National Research Foundation, Korea. Congratulations!


Changwook Min was selected for the CCNE Graduate Student Award. Congratulations!


CSB, ETRI (Electronic and Telecommunication Research Institute, Korea) and KBRI (Korea Brain Research Institute) have signed an MoU on research collaboration and academic exchange. The agreement is expected to promote international cooperation between these Institutions of complementary expertise, towards developing new sensing technologies.


Congratulations to Hyungsoon Im, PhD and Miles Miller, PhD who won MGH ORCD 2014 Research Fellows Poster Celebration Awards.


Biocompare features work of Lee Lab and Weissleder Lab in using exosomes as a relatively noninvasive biomarker for tumor burden and treatment efficacy.


Simple, Portable Test Could Make Blood Transfusions Safer - Chemical & Engineering News is featuring CSB work. (pdf)


"A World-beating TB Detector" - developed at CSB faster, cheaper, more sensitive, and more portable TB detector is featured in IEEE Spectrum. (pdf)


"Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance. Miniature System Could Have Huge Public Health Impact" - an article about CSB work in NIBIB eAdvances online magazine. (pdf)


Nature Nanotechnology Feature article describes CSB work on TB detection using magnetic nanoparticles, microfluidics and nuclear magnetic resonance. (pdf)


CSB's work on TB detection using DMR technology is featured in New Scientist (pdf) and MIT Technology Review (pdf)


Bloomberg News describes application of CSBs DMR chip for cancer detection - A rapid test for cancer using tiny magnetic sensors was able to detect as few as two cancer cells in a sample of human tissue within 15 minutes, a study said. (pdf)