Sylvie Breton has been named the inaugural incumbent of the Richard Moerschner Endowed MGH Research Institute Chair in Men’s Health. Congratulations, Sylvie!


CSB PMB work on high resolution imaging of the kidney using helium ion microscopy (Rice et al., PLoSONE 8(3); e57051, 2013) was featured recently in the annual report from the NIDDK (Recent Advances and Emerging Opportunities) under the heading “A closer look at kidney structure”. (pdf)


CSB is delighted to announce that Sylvie Breton, PhD has been promoted to Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. This makes her one of the rare PhD professors in this department.


Sylvie Breton, Ph. D., is the 2012 recipient of the highly prestigious "Research Award" from the Society for the Study of Reproduction. This annual award recognizes research excellence in the field of reproduction, based on innovation and originality in addition to rewarding leadership and participation in other scholarly activities. Congratulations Sylvie!


Sylvie Breton, PhD has been named the 2011 MGH Research Scholars for work on intercellular communication through novel cell structures.


Sylvie Breton, PhD was among the first 42 recipients of Transformative R01 Awards, a new program designed to give recipients resources and flexibility to pursue high-risk projects that have the potential to overturn current scientific assumptions.


The Executive Committee on Research and the MGH Board of Trustees are pleased to award the 2009 Martin Research Prize for Excellence in Basic Research to Sylvie Breton's Lab. In recognition of outstanding research achievements published in 2008 - 'Transepithelial Projections from Basal Cells are Luminal Sensors in Pseudostratified Epithelia' Winnie Wai Chi Shum, Nicolas Da Silva, Mary McKee, Peter J.S. Smith, Dennis Brown, and Sylvie Breton Cell 135: 1108-1117, 2008