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Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD is in the top 100 of Highly Cited Researchers.


Sean Arlauckas of the Weissleder lab won the Tayyaba Hasan, PhD ORCD Poster of Prestige Award for top abstract at this year’s MGH Research Fellow Poster Celebration. The prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the MGH research enterprise.

2017-05-16 - "Current EMR’s in peril":

"It happens every day, in exam rooms across the country, something that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago: Doctors and nurses turn away from their patients and focus their attention elsewhere — on their computer screens......" - WBUR Commentary


Science features CSB research on macrophages in the heart - (pdf)


Ralph Weissleder, MD PhD is one of more than 100 scientists and leaders who signed the letter “Convergence: The future of health”. It was released in Science. (pdf)


Miles Miller, PhD and Kevin King, MD, PhD have been selected to serve as Associate Scientific Advisors (ASAs) for Science's sister journal, Science Translational Medicine, for 2017-2018.