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Nature Medicine lists Dr. Higgins's recent PNAS paper in its Research Highlights section. (pdf)


"Mathematical model of the life cycle of red blood cells may predict risk of anemia" - HMS News Alert features report published online in PNAS Early Edition by John Higgins, MD, MGH Center for Systems Biology and Department of Pathology, and L. Mahadevan, PhD, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. (pdf)


During October 2010, CSB article in Circulation Research Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition Prevents the Release of Monocytes From Their Splenic Reservoir in Mice With Myocardial Infarction was downloaded and viewed over 275 times, placing it in the top tier.


The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is awarding $65 million to renew its Programs for Nanotechnology Research. CSB leads a consortium of six Boston-area institutions to develop nanomaterials to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases and create a point-of-care system for the rapid detection of pulmonary infections. (pdf)


NCI Launches Next Phase of Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer Program and names CSB as one of the Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence. (pdf)


Novel chemistry amplifies ability of nanoparticles to detect rare cells Nanowerk coverage of study led by Dr. Weissleder. (pdf)


"Molecular Imaging" is available for ordering. It is the first textbook to provide all the pieces for molecular imaging as a field, including chemistry of imaging agent development as well as all the imaging instrumentation strategies. (pdf)


"Color-coded Mouse Sheds Light on Transplant Tolerance" - work of Charles Lin's Lab is featured in the Harvard Focus. (pdf)


"A World-beating TB Detector" - developed at CSB faster, cheaper, more sensitive, and more portable TB detector is featured in IEEE Spectrum. (pdf)


Dr. Peter Panizzi has been awarded an instrument grant from Promega Corporation.


"Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance. Miniature System Could Have Huge Public Health Impact" - an article about CSB work in NIBIB eAdvances online magazine. (pdf)