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Nature Nanotechnology Feature article describes CSB work on TB detection using magnetic nanoparticles, microfluidics and nuclear magnetic resonance. (pdf)


Sylvie Breton, PhD was among the first 42 recipients of Transformative R01 Awards, a new program designed to give recipients resources and flexibility to pursue high-risk projects that have the potential to overturn current scientific assumptions.


Collaboration between CSB's Dr. Weissleder and MIT's Dr. Cima in developing cancer monitoring methods is described in the New York Times. (pdf)


CSB's work on TB detection using DMR technology is featured in New Scientist (pdf) and MIT Technology Review (pdf)


New Boston Museum of Science's Virtual Exhibit features work of Drs. Weissleder and Harisinghani on the design of a clinical trial to determine how iron-oxide nanoparticles could enhance a diagnostic image produced by an MRI machine to the extent that the spread of cancer could be accurately assessed.


Listen to Podcasts featuring CSB's latest paper in Science:


Bradley Bernstein's Lab is now part of CSB. Welcome!


New York Times features latest CSB work - "Finally, the Spleen Gets Some Respect" (pdf)


Organic Chemistry Portal (German-language) describes CSB invention of ultra-sensitive method for detection of tuberculosis bacteria using magnetic nanoparticles. (pdf)


Bloomberg News describes application of CSBs DMR chip for cancer detection - A rapid test for cancer using tiny magnetic sensors was able to detect as few as two cancer cells in a sample of human tissue within 15 minutes, a study said. (pdf)


Dr. Jenny (Hua) Lu was the recent recipient of a Claflin Distinguished Fellowship Award established to facilitate the academic careers of women in science at MGH.


Dr. Jodie Babitt was awarded the prestigious Marcel Simon Award for excellence in research in hemochromatosis which is given every two years by the International BioIron Society for work on elucidating the key role of BMP6 in iron metabolism.


Chemical & Engineering News has highlighted work by Dr. Jason McCarthy on the synthesis of targeted nanoagents for the detection of intravascular thrombi - Bioconjugate Chem. ("Specks Mark The Clot")


The Office for Research Career Development has chosen Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik as the Poster of Excellence prize recipient at the MGH 4th Annual Research Fellows Poster Celebration for her entry entitled "Multimodal Nanoagents for the Detection and Treatment of Atherosclerosis." Co-authors include Drs. McCarthy, Jaffer, and Weissleder.


Cover of Neoplasia highlights the article "Behavior of endogenous tumor-associated macrophages assessed in vivo using a functionalized nanoparticle".


The Executive Committee on Research and the MGH Board of Trustees are pleased to award the 2009 Martin Research Prize for Excellence in Basic Research to Sylvie Breton's Lab. In recognition of outstanding research achievements published in 2008 - 'Transepithelial Projections from Basal Cells are Luminal Sensors in Pseudostratified Epithelia' Winnie Wai Chi Shum, Nicolas Da Silva, Mary McKee, Peter J.S. Smith, Dennis Brown, and Sylvie Breton Cell 135: 1108-1117, 2008