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The Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard (NORCH) and the Metabolism Unit at MGH have selected Maarten Hulsmans (Nahrendorf Lab) and his project “Resolving macrophage heterogeneity of human atrial remodeling at single-cell level” to receive 2020-2021 NORCH Pilot & Feasibility Awards.


Hyungsoon Im has received the Young Investigator Award from the 2020 Human Frontier Science Program. The program supports international collaboration in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research focused on the life science.


Rahul Guda, a Research Intern from the Lee Lab, was accepted into the prestigious Harvard College's Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE). Congratulations Rahul!


Misha Pivovarov is joining the Research Institute staff as its Director, Research IT Solutions while also retaining his position as Director of CSB Research Informatics Core. Congratulations, Misha!


The exercise manuscript by Frodermann and Rohde (Nahrendorf Lab) received the 2020 MGH Martin Prize in Clinical Research. Bottom line: get your recommended 150 min of exercise per week!