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Baggett MV, Turbett SE, Schwartzenberg SS, Stone JR
Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital: Case 5-2014: 2014: A 59-year-old man with fever, confusion, thrombocytopenia, rash, and renal failure.
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Age-Related Clonal Hematopoiesis Associated with Adverse Outcomes.
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Direct measurement of local oxygen concentration in the bone marrow of live animals.
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ABCB5 is a limbal stem cell gene required for corneal development and repair.
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Imaging macrophages with nanoparticles.
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Label-free detection and molecular profiling of exosomes with a nano-plasmonic sensor
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Vascular and Neurogenic Rejuvenation of the Aging Mouse Brain by Young Systemic Factors.
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EWS-FLI1 Utilizes Divergent Chromatin Remodeling Mechanisms to Directly Activate or Repress Enhancer Elements in Ewing Sarcoma.
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TASER Electronic Control Devices and Cardiac Arrests: Coincidental or Causal?
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FDG-PET/CT Enables the Detection of Recurrent Same-Site Deep Vein Thrombosis by Illuminating Recently Formed, Neutrophil-Rich Thrombus.
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Alzheimer's disease: early alterations in brain DNA methylation at ANK1, BIN1, RHBDF2 and other loci.
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Ullal AV*, Peterson V*, Agasti SS, Tuang S, Juric D, Castro CM, Weissleder R
Cancer Cell Profiling by Barcoding Allows Multiplexed Protein Analysis in Fine-Needle Aspirates
Sci Transl Med. 2014;6(219):219ra9 - PMID: 24431113 - PMCID: PMC4063286 - DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3007361
Kobzik L, Swirski FK
MARCOing Monocytes for Elimination.
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Imaging and Nanomedicine in Inflammatory Atherosclerosis.
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Single-cell pharmacokinetic imaging reveals a therapeutic strategy to overcome drug resistance to the microtubule inhibitor eribulin
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Nahrendorf M, Swirski FK
Fluorescent leukocytes enter plaque on the microscope stage.
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Ly-6Chigh Monocytes Depend on Nr4a1 to Balance both Inflammatory and Reparative Phases in the Infarcted Myocardium.
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Differential Contribution of Monocytes to Heart Macrophages in Steady-State and After Myocardial Infarction.
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Nahrendorf M, Swirski FK
Regulating repair: regulatory T cells in myocardial infarction.
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Swirski FK, Nahrendorf M
Do vascular smooth muscle cells differentiate to macrophages in atherosclerotic lesions?
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Monocyte subset accumulation in the human heart following acute myocardial infarction and the role of the spleen as monocyte reservoir.
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Association of circulating endothelial microparticles with cardiometabolic risk factors in the Framingham Heart Study.
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Tissue-specific SMARCA4 binding at active and repressed regulatory elements during embryogenesis.
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Pleural innate response activator B cells protect against pneumonia via a GM-CSF-IgM axis.
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Translational molecular imaging: repurposing an old technique to track cell migration into human atheroma.
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An authentic imaging probe to track cell fate from beginning to end.
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Ultrafluorogenic Coumarin-Tetrazine Probes for Real-Time Biological Imaging.
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Regulation and consequences of monocytosis.
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A genomic and evolutionary approach reveals non-genetic drug resistance in malaria.
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Defining functional DNA elements in the human genome.
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Endoscopic photoconversion reveals unexpectedly broad leukocyte trafficking to and from the gut.
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Denervation protects limbs from inflammatory arthritis via an impact on the microvasculature.
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Intravital imaging of cardiac function at the single-cell level.
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Long-range enhancer activity determines Myc sensitivity to Notch inhibitors in T cell leukemia.
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Hypermutable DNA chronicles the evolution of human colon cancer.
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