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Following a national search, The Mass General Cancer Center is extremely pleased to announce that Cesar M. Castro, MD, MSc is appointed as the new Program Director for Gynecologic Oncology. Cesar is internationally recognized for combining cutting edge translational cancer nanotechnology research with compassionate, patient-centered clinical care. Please join us in congratulating Cesar on this new leadership position and wishing him well with this new and exciting opportunity.


Ismail Degani (Lee Lab) was awarded with a prestigious MathWorks Fellowship for his work of combining diagnostic systems with machine learning. Congratulations Ish!


The journal iScience interviewed research groups worldwide for their COVID-19 responses. The Lee Lab is featured in this story


Dr. Moskowitz, associate faculty at the Center for Systems Biology, won the 2021 Brain Prize! Mike's groundbreaking work on the trigeminovascular system paved the way to the development of an entirely new class of migraine-specific drugs called CGRP antagonists which help provide long-term prevention of migraine attacks. Micheal Moskowitz and three other neuroscientists are sharing the world’s most prestigious prize for brain research which is awarded annually by the Lundbeck Foundation.


Hakho Lee receives Graduate Students Division Mentoring award from MGH Center for Faculty Development. Congratulations!