Paunescu, Teodor, PhD

Phone: 617-726-3696
Lab: Brown, Dennis


Our research focuses on the vacuolar proton-pumping ATPase (V-ATPase), and in particular on the role of its B subunit isoforms in the physiology and pathophysiology of H+ secretion. The V-ATPase plays an essential role in numerous membrane trafficking processes by mediating the acidification of intracellular organelles. When expressed in the plasma membrane domain, the V-ATPase mediates active H+ transport into, and the pH regulation of, extracellular compartments. The V-ATPase 56 kDa B subunit occurs in mammalian tissues as two homologous isoforms, Atp6v1b1, or B1 (highly expressed in a restricted number of epithelia specialized for regulated H+ transport, including the urogenital tract, the inner ear, eye, respiratory and olfactory epithelia), and the ubiquitous Atp6v1b2 (B2) isoform.


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