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Lin, Charles, PhD

Phone: 617-643-3531


I am an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and lead the Advanced Microscopy Group at the Center for Systems Biology and at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital. Here, my laboratory and I are developing cutting-edge optical imaging techniques for in vivo cell tracking and molecular imaging studies. Our primary research focus is the development of minimally invasive optical techniques for in vivo imaging of stem cells and hematologic malignancies. There are several custom-built confocal and two-photon hybrid microscopes within my laboratory, each tailored for a specific live animal imaging application. Several of these systems have an additional "treatment" beam that can be used to localize light delivery to precise locations in tissue. These systems have unique open architectures to allow modification and rapid adaptation to new technology. My laboratory has also developed an in vivo flow cytometer for real-time detection and quantification of fluorescent cells in the circulation, eliminating the need for drawing blood samples. At present, we are actively engaged in several multidisciplinary collaborative studies with experts across the fields of stem cell biology, immunology, and cancer biology.

Selected Publications (from total of 137)

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